Advanced LEM with Cadence Virtuoso


Advanced LEM, to allow users to pre-process layout before transferring layout to PeakView. This powerful new feature is based on SKILL code, and the user can create and load their own customized Layout EM (LEM) function as well. This will add new options under “PkView” menu tab in Cadence Layout window.


  • Built-in capability to rigorously model NT_N/BFMOAT layer in advanced RF process.
  • Allows user to cut a portion of BFMOAT/NT_N layer under the structure to place active devices.
  • Pillar’s can be added and move pin for packaging simulation is also available.
  • User has control on synced-back-to-Virtuoso outcome of Advanced LEM cell.
  • Easy to implement. Requires only two items: Incremental profile and SKILL code with peakviewinit.

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