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You are welcome to request a white paper from our resources database anytime. Simply fill out the request form in this page and submit with you corporate email, and we will send you a white paper on the topic of your selection.


  • LD7597 EM Isolation Consideration in RFIC design.
  • LD6659 Simulation of Transmission Line Using Peakview.
  • LD8297 High Speed Passive Device Simulation up to 60 GHz.
  • LD10794 Skin Effects in Peakview Modeling.
  • LD7342 Analysis of Temperature Effects and Process Variation in PeakView.
  • LD7632 PeakView Application in Transformer Design, Characterization and Modeling.
  • LD6918 Accurate Loss Tangent Formulation for Semiconductors in PeakView.
  • LD8295 Create Lumped Models for Transmission Line.
  • LD10803 Inductive Impact of Floating Structures.
  • Advanced-Node IC and CoWoS/3DIC Electromagnetic (EM) Co-Simulation using PeakView

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