PeakView EMD™EM Synthesis and Analysis – PeakView EMD™ provides parametric EM device synthesis and analysis of sophisticated on-chip passive devices. EMD™ has an extensive synthesis library of parameterized devices that include inductors, transformers, baluns, transmission lines, MiM capacitors, finger capacitors and other commonly used topologies. In addition to a comprehensive standard library, users have the flexibility to script customized PCircuits tailored to meet their specific design requirements. Designers work with a powerful user interface allowing EMD™ to eliminate the manualindex.php?page_id=15 steps of drawing devices by hand. EMD™ further automates the design process with options to synthesize target values and sweep design parameters for optimum performance.  (Datasheet)

PeakView LEM™ – EM Extraction and Modeling – PeakView’s LEM™ extraction solution provides fast, easy to use, single-click EM simulation from within Virtuoso® and Laker™ layout editors. Passive structures and interconnect are automatically extracted for a full wave, 3D electro analysis. PeakView’s high-capacity engine supports complex multi-port structures and swiftly creates accurate EM models with necessary design library views. (Datasheet)

PeakView HFD™ – EM Interconnect Design Analysis– PeakView HFD™ is an electromagnetic and parasitic inductance extraction tool for evaluating the electromagnetic behavior of critical signal paths in high-speed designs. At microwave and millimeter wave frequencies, with increase in operating frequencies, as physical lengths of interconnects approach a substantial fraction of their electrical lengths, inductive and associated skin loss effects begin to predominate and noticeably impact circuit performance. To address this concern, HFD™ enhances traditional LPE (Layout Parasitic Extraction) capabilities by including electromagnetic effects into LPE generated results. With HFD™, users are able to select critical high frequency signal nets in either the schematic or layout views of their designs, electromagnetically analyze the corresponding interconnect geometry using PeakView EM engine, and reconnect the EM model to the post-layout simulation net-lists output by conventional RC extraction tools. (Datasheet).

PeakView EM Prototyping™ – EM Design Prototyping – PeakView™ EM Prototyping tool addresses the capability of circuit-level EM isolation, coupling and crosstalk simulation at early stage of the design cycle while the layout and perspective EM device placement and connectivity is still under construction and not reached the state of LVS completion. In other words throughout any stage of the design cycle, the millimeter wave IC design team may begin to evaluate the physical EM effect of crosstalk and coupling among EM devices and/or the interconnect accurately and precisely to analyse the overall circuit performance under very high frequencies. The tool will automate the preparation of multiple EM devices for simulation, modeling and back-annotation while preserving the connectivity throughout the design hierarchy.  (Datasheet)

PLX™ – Parasitic Inductance Extraction  – Our new parasitic inductance extraction feature based on Peakview’s 3D Full-wave EM solver which produces silicon matched models across frequencies, with high capacity volume meshing technology to enhance speed, capacity, and accuracy tuned for parasitic inductance extraction.  Net based parasitic inductance values are modeled and annotated to today’s popular DSPF file. (brochure)

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