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  • LD10802 App Brief How to Use File Manager Account
  • LD11545 PeakView Setup Procedure Guide
  • LD11407 GUI Based Profile Conversion
  • LD13554 PeakView Profile Quality Testing Guidelines
  • LD14574 PeakView Frequency Sweep Models
  • LD14858 PeakView Synthesis and Formula Enhancement
  • LD9381 App Brief PeakView Pcircuit Slotting Striping
  • LD6503 PeakView Scripting Log Replay Method
  • LD8862 LSF and Multithreading Setting Up for PeakView
  • LD9479 App Brief Load Pcircuit and PBM File into PeakView
  • LD9358 App Brief Import and Export GDSII and ODB++ using PeakView
  • LD16763 PeakView Transformer Wizard for High-Q Impedance Matching
  • LD8262 App Brief PeakView-PDK Integration
  • LD14822 Profile Parameter Sweep by PeakView Corner Sweep
  • LD6983 App Brief PeakView Temperature and Corner Sweep
  • LD11203 ADEXL Corner and Temperature Analysis with PeakView Multi Corner EM/PBM Models
  • LD14995 Appnote on Peakview Circuit-EM Co-Simulation in ADE L-ADE XL Environment
  • LD14048 Appnote Peakview Integration with Custom Compiler
  • LD16109 PeakView Inductor Integrity & LVS Flow


  • LD13038 How to Debug VCO Frequency Mismatch between Simulation and Measurement
  • LD13385 PeakView EM Isolation Analysis Case Study and Guidelines
  • LD13943 Effect of Edge Pin and Exact Pin on Inductance Calculation and Resonant Frequency
  • LD14991 PeakView Advanced LEM for BFMOAT/NTN Effects
  • LD15894 NTN Layer and PGS for Q Enhancement An Extensive Study
  • LD15663 HPBM Examples
  • LD16498 EM Isolation Analysis on 8-shaped Inductors and Conventional Inductors
  • LD16776 DC-MMWave PeakView MIMCAP EM Modeling with Real Cases
  • LD7047 Clock Tree Line PBM
  • LD8295 White Paper on Distributed RLCK Models for Transmission Lines in High-Speed Applications
  • LD8297 IC Passive Structure Simulation and Silicon Correlations at Millimeterwave between PeakView and TSMC Processes
  • LD9533 Appnote Port Configuration and Return Path in PeakView
  • LD13430 Pin to Pin Inductance Analysis Case Study by PeakView
  • LD15843 GUI Based HFD Incremental Profile
  • LD6564 PeakView HFD Tutorial for TSMC65 48GHz Oscillator
  • LD16005 SiGe & BiCMOS Deep Trench and Patterned Substrate EM Modeling in PeakView


  • LD6882 App Brief Customized Simulation Type
  • LD9359 App Brief PeakView EM Simulation Setup
  • LD13133 Pin Property in PeakView
  • LD10685 App Brief Multisheet Current
  • LD11429 App Brief NuNvNz Accuracy Table
  • LD10794 Skin Effect and PeakView Modeling
  • LD7106 Metalfill Enhancement
  • LD11197 PeakView EM Simulation on Large Distributed MMW Device in BiCMOS Process


  • LD14192 App Brief Built-in Functions for Single-Ended and Differential Analysis
  • LD10155 Mixed Mode S-Parameter for Differential Structures
  • LD6659 App Brief PeakView Physical Based Modeling (PBM) for Transmission Line


  • LD14764 AdvBalun High-Q Ratio
  • LD14872 High-Q Flex Transformer Balun
  • LD11884 Rectangle Stacked Inductor
  • LD8356 PCircuit For Inductors with Flexible Cross Width
  • LD9069 Octagon with Width Step
  • LD12716 Differential Inductor Pcircuit
  • LD13379 Diffential Inductor_Same_Side_Arm
  • LD14481 3_Coil_Inductor
  • LD15003 Appnote on Pi-Coil Inductor
  • LD6470 Multilayer Pyramid Stacked Inductor
  • LD11992 8-shaped Inductors Consolidated_NT
  • LD7459 App Brief IPD Octagon PCircuit
  • LD13434 Advanced Differential CPW with Spacing Controls
  • LD14812 Pcircuit Advanced Differential CPW_StackOption
  • LD9821 Transformer_3stage
  • LD16894 Octagonal Low-k Transformer Pcircuit
  • LD6440 SymmetricSerial MLS Inductor Pcircuit
  • LD14141 Advanced Octagon MLS
  • LD14763 BowTie_MLS
  • LD14230 Adv_TCoil Pcircuit
  • LD15324 Appnote on Tcoil_4port Pcircuit
  • LD15548 Coupler Pcircuit Design
  • LD7435 App Brief Coupler PCircuit
  • LD14581 DPcircuit PGS_Advanced Node
  • LD9699 Multilayer Guard Ring
  • LD14787 RectAndCross Metalfill
  • LD14788 Square Metalfill


  • LD12228 App Brief EM Visualization Post-processing
  • LD14053 App Brief PeakView Electromigration Checker Appnote
  • LD7342 Inductor  Temp Variation
  • LD9015 MOMCap Simulation and Silicon Correlation with PeakView
  • LD8637 Rapid Scalable Model Generation Based on PeakView Platform
  • LD9391 PeakView Based Rapid RF Si Characterization
  • LD7632 PeakView Application in Transformer Design, Characterization and Modeling
  • LD8284 App Brief T-coil Design Flow using PeakView
  • LD15772 Incremental Profile for Substrate Layer
  • LD15848 PeakView Chip Packaging EM Co-Simulation
  • LD16112 Special Device Extraction with Advanced_LEM
  • LD13981 TSMC OIP 2014 Lorentz-Altera-TSMC


  • LD7941 PeakView PBM Introduction
  • LD8359 PeakView EM Platform for Foundry Users
  • LD12642 Lorentz EM Automation Flow Overview


  • LD11739 PeakView Training Lab
  • LD14808 PeakView Pcircuit Training
  • LD11629 PeakView Tutorial Basic Features Training
  • LD12472 PeaView EMDesign Platform Advanced Capability Training
  • LD9704 HFD Training Manual General
  • LD13549 Practical HFD Guide


  • LD11803 Built-in Pcircuit Catalog
  • LD11805 Special PCircuit Catalog
  • LD8275 PeakView Pcircuit Users Guide
  • LD15668 PeakView PBM User Guide
  • LD7809 PeakView Profile User Guide
  • LD13517 Incremental Profile User Guide
  • LD11567 HFD User Guide

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CAD Infrastructure

Prepare Peakview Devices for TSMC Process LVS CheckGDS streaming in PeakviewHow to Use Your File Manager AccountInductor Temp VariationPeakview scriptingPeakview Encryption of Process InformationPeakview integration with LakerPeakView Interface to PostTirgger functionsiRCX Profile Conversion in Batch ModeLVS PEX flow for peakview devicesPeakview temperature and corner sweepPeakview integration with design environmentPeakview Profile Generation ProtocolImport and export GDSII and ODB++ using PeakViewPeakview Pcircuit Stripping, SlottingPeaview ITF file ParserIRCX file parserPeakview profile for advanced process nodesSpecial profile rules for path slotting, stripping and viaSetting up HFD profile on a PeakView profilePeakview installation instructionPeakview’s Connectivity Rules in ProfileADE-XL Corner Analysis IntegrationLSF and multithreading parallel computation setupTransfer PCB (.brd) file from allegro to GDSII

Case Studies

Case study of modeling VCO critical net with device using HFDPeakView improvements to handle package case20nm VCO Silicon Comparison with PeakView HFD20nm silicon correlation LD 6757Scalable model development process in Peakview20nm de-embedding process in Peakview60GHz Transformer Design using PeakviewImpedance matching with transformerClock Tree modeling with PBMVCO critical net modeling using HFD-LModeling of interconnect coupling with inductorsInductor Temp Variation case study updateHFD flow for device and interconnect using groups

EM Related

Loss Tangent Formulation for Semiconductors in PeakViewcombined vs distinct layer stack-up at mm-wave frequenciesModeling of Skin Effects in PeakviewHow to customize simulation typesGuard Ring Stair Structure SettingPeakview Accuracy Rule Table ExplainedSubstrate Isolation Analysis using PeakviewPin Property and Handling in PeakViewPeakView EM Simulation SetupMulti-sheet Current Option for Stacked Thick MetalsPeakview metal fill modeling and enhancementsMesh setting for transmission line with slotting shield


Peakview Inductor Models and ViewsUsing charting to compare device characterization resultsComparing Single Ended vs Diff Ended InductorsCapacitance Extraction for shielded transmission lineExtracting Zc from S-parameterGeneration of Physics-Based Model for Finger CapUsing Hierarchical PBM and HEM Auto to create lumped modelPeakView Physical-Based Modeling (PBM) for transmission linePBM for transmission line Passivity Checkzd and differential transformer parametersRapid scalable model generation based on PeakView platformMixed Mode S-Parameter for Differential Structures


Peakview Pcircuit parameter explained: AdvSymmetric PcircuitLinePairs PCircuit and parametersPCircuit WrapperPeakview Pcircuit for Transmission LinesStacked Balun Parameters DefinitionsPCircuit For Inductors With Flexible Cross WidthAdvanced Balun PcircuitsHow to load pcircuit and PBM file into PeakView

Special Topics

De-Embedding analysis based on Peakview EM simulationInductive Impact of Floating Package StructureMIM CAP Simulation with PeakviewMOM Cap Biasing Effect Considerations in PeakviewPeakView General Purposed Biasing Effect Setting in ProfileTSMC 60GHz passive device correlation with SiliconApplying Peakview for EM isolation consideration in RFIC designPeakView Application in Transformer Design, CharacterizationPeakView PBM modeling for transmission lineRapid T-coil synthesis and optimization in PeakviewMOMCap Simulation in PeakViewPeakView-based Rapid RF Silicon CharacterizationUsig PeakView for Metal Fill Generation


Hierarchical PBM (HPBM) introductionPeakview Comprehensive PBM IntroductionPeakView EM Platform for Foundry UsersPeakView turnkey solution for scalable model generationLorentz EM Automation Flow Overview

Training & Education

Design and Model Inductors using PeakviewSimulation of Transmission Line Using PeakviewTSMC 16FF Inductor design using PeakviewTSMC 65nm RDK 2.0 QRC HFDCompact RF EM Design Using PeakView HFDPeakview Pcircuit TrainingPeakViewTrainingLabPeakview Tutorial

User Manual

Integrate PeakView with Your Design Environment and PDK.Prepare PeakView Profile from iRCX/ITF.Peakview Scripting for Automated Batch Mode Simulation.Customize PeakView Simulation for Various Applications.Simulation Your Design in GDS Format.Setup PeakView for MIM CAP Simulation.Encryption of Process Information.Peakview Profile for 20nm Node and Beyond.Properly Configure Pin Property for Accurate Simulation in PeakView.

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