Electromagnetic Design Platform

Lorentz Solution’s PeakView™ is an innovative electromagnetic design platform for high speed analog and RFIC design and analysis. PeakView™ products are assimilated into the Virtuoso® environment, Custom Compiler layout editor, and customary RC extraction flows, providing designers with a familiar IC design experience from prototyping to sign-off.

Benefits of PeakView™ Platform vs. Discrete Tools

  • The PeakView™  EM platform is fully integrated into the Cadence® and Custom Compiler IC design environments.
  • Designers can select components from the PeakView™ built-in PCircuit library, optimize device parameters and synthesize target values.
  • PeakView’s iRCX and ITF parsers support process technology information provided by various foundries.
  • PeakView EM Prototyping and HFD™ performs electromagnetic modeling of EM coupling and parasitic inductive effects between devices and interconnect from prototyping to sign-off.
  • Device or interconnect models can be represented in both S-parameter and RLCK SPICE sub-circuit models for circuit simulation.
  • Further, Peakview HFD extends to 3DIC RLCK and full-wave extraction flow to support RF, mmWave and high-speed analog designs.


  • PeakView™ has emerged as a sign-off tool for semiconductor design. Its accuracy and speed has been validated on test chips, Reference Design Kits (RDKs) from key foundries and tape-outs.
  • PeakView™ generates high quality EM data which is closely correlated to silicon measurements.
  • PeakView™ GUI features a built in visualization window for viewing voltages, currents and meshing.

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