Quality Assurance

With the ever-increasing frequencies required by the latest developments in the wireless sector, PeakView™ is emerging as industry’s gold-standard for electromagnetic IC design.

The quality of the PeakView™ engine is fundamentally tied to its solver accuracy. During each development phase, our products are extensively tested by a comprehensive suite of regression test cases covering numerical convergence and accuracy. As features and enhancements are added, our rigorous testing system is modified to maintain quality control. To achieve software suite quality assurance, we have adopted regular unit-testing, code reviews and a developer-friendly version control methodology to ensure a robust EM tool for high-frequency semiconductor design.

In addition, we have designed and taped-out test-keys in advanced process nodes to review and compare simulation results with silicon data. Our commitment to product quality is our key strength; we guarantee outstanding service and a high-fidelity simulation experience with our tools.

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