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Lorentz Solution, Inc. is one of the earliest organizations to envision and develop an EDA software platform for electromagnetic IC design and verification. As process nodes have evolved, Lorentz has continuously enhanced its EM design platform to seamlessly blend in with other major EDA tools (e.g. Virtuoso®, Spectre/HSPICE simulators, and Calibre®/Synopsys™/Cadence® extractors). PeakView™ is compatible with PDKs from legacy process nodes to the most advanced process nodes deployed today.

By using the Peakview™ design platform, semiconductor companies that are primarily focused on designing and manufacturing products for cost-sensitive and high performance applications (e.g. cellular phones, wireless transceiver components for the next generation wireless communication standards, on-chip millimeter-wave and THz applications) benefit tremendously from design optimization, consistency, and improved signal integrity.


Lorentz Solution, Inc. was founded in 2003, and received major institutional VC investment in 2004 from Telos Venture Partners (the investment group of Cadence® Design Systems) and the WK Technology Fund. Since then, Lorentz Solution has worked closely with its key customers (including foundry customers) to deliver an EM Design Platform on an enterprise level. Today, Lorentz Solution has firmly established its flagship product, PeakView™, as the industry’s premium EM design, verification, and structure simulation solution. It is heavily used worldwide in industry’s top wireless development companies, IDM, and foundries.


Our main office is located in Santa Clara, California. We have local offices in Hsinchu, Taiwan, and sales representatives in South Korea.

Lorentz Main Office:

3375 Scott Blvd, Suite 105
Santa Clara, CA 95054
United States
Phone: +1 (408)-922-0765

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Our Team

Our  inter-disciplinary team specializes in computational and applied electromagnetics, applied sciences, software engineering and EDA technology. Our personnel work collaboratively to develop a comprehensive set of tools aimed at designing and modeling high frequency on-chip passive structures.

Lorentz Management and Board of Directors

Chief Executive Officer

Jinsong Zhao, founder and CEO of Lorentz Solution, Inc., received his Ph.D in Computer Engineering from the University of California at Santa Cruz, and his MSEE and BSEE degrees from Tsinghua University, Beijing, China. He holds an MBA from the University of California at Berkeley’s Haas School of Business. He has served at Bell Laboratories, and as a Senior Member of the Technical Staff at Cadence™ Design Systems. Jinsong holds four U.S. patents in the area of RF modeling and module design.

Board of Directors

Lorentz Solution is overseen by and tremendously benefits from a board of directors consisting of the best minds in the IC, EDA and VC industries. In addition, the company’s financial foundation is solidified by the direct investment and stock ownership of current and former employees.


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