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The Most Comprehensive Electromagnetic IC Design Solution

The PeakView EM design platform offers the most comprehensive total solutions to drastically simplifies the most challenging and complex design process and confidence for high frequency semiconductor design. PeakView™ is process independent, we offer a complete set of device topologies for synthesis and customization at any process technologies. Our powerful LEM™ (Layout EM) performs a complete 3D full wave EM analysis within the IC design environment. The powerful EM Prototyping™ and HFD™ (High Frequency Designer) enables EM design, coupling and interconnect analysis that readies for THz frequencies. We also guarantee passivity for S-parameter models with their corresponding PBM™ (Physics-Based Models) or compact RLCK models that supports transient circuit simulation. High quality EM data generated from PeakView™ demonstrated a close correlation to silicon measurements. Our user-friendly and world-class support bears the hallmark of integrity and excellence.  


A New Platform Approach…



Lorentz Solution, Inc. presents the PeakView™ electromagnetic design platform providing users with a fast, automated, IC design experience. The state-of-the-art software suite, along with a 3D full-wave EM solver at its core, radically revolutionize the process of high frequency semiconductor design with confidence from prototyping to sign off.


Layout EM provides 3D full wave EM simulation for as-is layout with DC – mmWave – TeraHertz accuracy and huge capacity in foundry PDK environment.

Fullwave 3D EM synthesis and optimization in multi-project PDK environment with comprehensive process-independent Pcircuit and dynamic Pcircuit library.


Circuit-level EM isolation, coupling and crosstalk modeling and simulation throughout design stages and before LVS clean.



Circuit-level LVS/LPE based interconnect/passive EM analysis/extraction/back annotation, extending mainstream RC flow, for analog, RF and mmWave design sign-off.


Simulation of 3DIC and Chip-Package-PCB designs with foundry PDK-based profile and incremental packaging profile, with simplified and reliable methodology.



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