Electromagnetic Design Platform

Lorentz Solution’s PeakView™ is an innovative electromagnetic design platform for high speed analog and RFIC design and analysis. PeakView™ products are assimilated into the Virtuoso® environment, Laker™ layout editor, and customary RC extraction flows, providing designers with a familiar IC design experience.


Benefits of PeakView™ Platform vs. Discrete Tools

  • The PeakView™  EM platform is fully integrated into the Cadence® and Laker™ IC design environments and the design flow is completely automated to ensure maximum user efficiency.
  • Designers can effortlessly select components from the PeakView™ built-in PCircuit library, optimize device parameters and synthesize target values. Customized PCircuits can also be scripted to arrive at optimal configurations that best suit the designers’ needs.
  • PeakView’s iRCX and ITF parsers are able to process complex technology information provided by foundries and the platform is easily setup to accommodate the most advanced process nodes. PCircuits, in addition, are process independent.
  • At microwave and millimeter wave frequencies, PeakView HFD™ performs automated, full-wave electromagnetic modeling of interconnect structures and accurately characterizes the parasitic inductive (L) effects in signal routing or interconnect.
  • Once a device or interconnect is electromagnetically analyzed, compact, convergent and DC accurate Physics Based Models (PBM) are generated as RLCK sub-circuits. Users have the flexibility to use both S-parameter and RLCK SPICE sub-circuit models for circuit simulation.


  • PeakView™ has emerged as a sign-off tool for semiconductor design. Its accuracy and speed has been validated on test chip-sets, Reference Design Kits (RDKs) from key foundries and tape-outs for mass production in RF/high speed analog design companies.
  • PeakView™ generates high quality EM data which is closely correlated to silicon measurements from major foundries and IC manufacturers.
  • PeakView™ GUI features a built in visualization window for viewing voltages, currents and meshing. It also includes a built in chart window and customizable formula editor for graphical data representation.




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