Announcing PeakView 3.1.9

The latest version of PeakView contains significant new features and development. This version boasts a big speed up in simulation times. Continuous improvements in accuracy, performance and design features make PeakView the leading Platform for EM design. To learn more about this release and our latest development work contact us at

Transient Simulation for Wires with Fullwave Accuracy

PeakView generates RLC models for arbitrarily shaped wires based on full wave electromagnetic simulation. This is the ideal format for transient simulation. This breakthrough technology means that designers can move beyond extraction based tools and use real full wave electromagnetic results in their time based circuit simulations.

Upcoming Events

TSMC 2014 Technology Symposium Silicon Valley

April 22nd, 2014, San Jose Convention Center.

Join the 20th annual TSMC Technology Symposium and get first-hand updates on TSMC's advanced and specialty technologies, advanced backend capabilities and future development plans!

Lorentz Solution will be exhibiting and showing its latest technology for high speed analog and RF design. Please come by our booth to get more information.