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Lorentz Solution, Inc. presents the PeakView™ electromagnetic design platform providing users with a fast, completely automated, IC design experience. The state-of-the-art software suite, along with a Method-of-Moments-based full-wave EM solver at its core, radically eases the process of high frequency semiconductor design.

PeakView™ products seamlessly integrate into the most advanced process nodes deployed in today’s industry. We offer an extensive standard library of passive device topologies, and further provide the flexibility to script customized devices. Our powerful LEM™ (Layout EM) feature helps users perform a complete 3D EM analysis comfortably from within their IC design environment. The HFD™ (High Frequency Designer) interconnect extraction tool is currently supporting next generation microwave, millimeter wave bands, and delving into THz frequencies. We also guarantee passivity for S-parameter models with their corresponding PBM™ (Physics-Based Models) or compact RLCK models for transient circuit simulation.

High quality EM data generated from PeakView™ simulations demonstrate close correlation to silicon measurements. Our user-friendly, world-class support bears the hallmark of integrity and excellence.

The PeakView™ Platform

Our PeakView™ is a self-contained electromagnetic design and analysis platform. It is suitable for both design use and sign-off that avoids the need of a two-tool solution. Lorentz has provided this platform for designers and modeling teams that increases creativity and productivity by letting designers create their own geometry and models, at the same time improving the efficiency of the EM experts with a fast, highly accurate solution for sign-off. PeakView’s new capabilities at the circuit level add significant accuracy to high speed analog design. Over the years, industry leaders have trusted PeakView™ for their design needs.


PeakView Electromagnetic Designer for on-chip passive device synthesis


PeakView High Frequency Designer for RF, microwave and millimeter-wave interconnect


PeakView On-Chip Package and PCB Analysis Tool


PeakView Layout Electromagnetics for 3D EM analysis of complete design layouts


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